Two-Month-Old Baby Update: How Time Flies

I am in utter disbelief that I am here writing the two-month-old baby update. Seems like yesterday when I was in the operation room being shown Evan’s face for the first time. How time has flown by.

Well, it’s February 1st, which means it’s Evan’s two month birthday. 

It still hasn’t clicked that I have a baby. As in A WHOLE BABY BOY IS MINE! Insane. But each and every day I look deep into his deep brown eyes and cry a little. Because I did that. Also just reminds me that I am a mommy now.

So, what’s been going on since the last update you might wonder. It’s time to share.

Disclaimer: This post might contain some cute pictures and videos. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get any baby fevers.

Evan’s two-month-old baby update

Let me start by saying that this lovely boy smiles and laughs alot. One of the best times of my days are just watching him smile and giggle his heart out. He looks so cute when he breaks out into a huge smile. But overall, I love the smiles he gives after he’s been fed or when he’s asleep. It just assures me that everything is fine with him.

Evan's two-month-old baby update

And man has this child learned to coo. He gets busy saying his little stories, and I anyone watching him needs to respond otherwise he gets fussy when he doesn’t get the attention. It is so cute. His gibberish talks are the highlights of each day.

It’s cute because he gets really chatty when my mum comes home from work. We all just assume he’s giving her the breakdown of everything that happened during the day. We keep telling him that he hides no secrets cause he’s a nana’s boy. But we all love it.

Evan and his grandma: two-month-old baby update

He also can finally roll his head sideways when he is asleep. This is amazing cause I mostly do not have to worry about waking up just to turn his head. Also, he’s learned to turn himself sideways which is awesome.

The only unfortunate thing is that sometimes he does still cry because of colic. When the days are good, they are so good. But when they are bad, I often have to shed a few tears to assure myself that all will be good.

My brother recommended a syrup that has been working wonders. I switched from giving him gripe water to giving him colicspum. It has been giving him some peace and I love that.

Something I was so happy about was when we last went for a checkup. Evan had gained a total of 3.1kgs which is huge to me. He was a total of 6kgs on the 11th of January.

For those who are wondering why I was so happy about that. Well, Evan weighed 3.5kgs when he was born, but he got ill a day after being born which led to him being admitted to the nursery. While there, he lost a total of 0.6kgs. When he was released, he weighed 2.9kgs. So, to gain 3.1kgs in just one month was such a huge deal to me.

The one thing that I am now worried about is the time. Time seems to have just vanished. Now, I am doing a countdown of the days that are remaining for me to go back to work. The thought of having to leave him scares me and I have no idea how both he and I will cope.

So, after Sharon shared her shared her breastfeeding tips on this blog, I started taking them seriously. During the past month, I’ve seen a rise in my milk supply. I often get at least 120mls of milk during one pump. That’s coming from only getting 40mls before the tips.

I will also share though how I’ve navigated the pumping soon.

One sad thing that happened was losing 1000mls worth of breast milk just recently after our area had electricity issues due to cyclone Ana. I was so devastated and I will not lie, I had a breakdown about it. But, I’m blaming the hormones.

I still get baby blues sometimes where I just feel like I’m failing. Especially when he’s fussy because of tummy pains. I try to fight it but seeing Evan in pain makes me feel so helpless and that eats at me.

Luckily, I have a friend whose made it his point to talk me out of it and slap sense into my brain.

Other than that, Evan is growing so quickly and that scares me. I sometimes think I’ll blink and he’ll be walking about and I’ll be left more confused as to where the time actually went.

Thank you for reading Evan’s two-month-old baby update and for virtually being on this journey with us.

Go make some babies 😌 I’m kidding… Leave some comments below and I’ll read them to the young king.

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