The 7 Best Life Lessons On Being A Mom

7 best life lessons on being a mom

What does being a mom mean and what are the best life lessons learned on being a mom?

Well, it has been four months of me being a mom, and already can attest that there are just so many lessons to learn from this journey. As a new parent, I believe you still get those moments when you are playing or cuddling your little one and it just hits you that you are a parent. It still feels surreal.

After some time, you start to see that there are things about you that are changing. Because to be honest, the past four months of being a mom have brought moments when I realize that I am changing. At the beginning of 2020, I detailed some life lessons learned in 24 years, this should count as an updated one from that list.

One thing that parents will agree with me is that having a baby or babies changes your life most unbelievably. So, here are the 7 best life lessons on being a mom.

best life lessons on being a mom

7 best life lessons on being a mom

1. Unconditional Love

The minute I saw Evan, I fell so hard in love. I love that human before he was born, but I cannot explain how I felt when his brown eyes met mine. It is the most inexplicable thing, yet one that I can also explain well.

Over the past months, I have loved this child more than I have ever loved anyone in my life. He has become the center of my life and has given me a reason to do better in this life. I often wonder what life was like before him, because he really seems to have filled a void I long had.

He stole my little heart and made it his, and I do not complain one bit.

2. Patience

Anyone that knows me will agree that I am not the most patient person. I have always lacked patience, but now, I have to exercise it. This is probably the best life lesson of being a mom.

I have had to be patient with my baby. Learned to do things in his time, without having the need to rush anything so I can finish and move on. It is the small things like acknowledging what makes him happy at the moment and doing it until he gets tired.

At the same time, I have learned to be more patient with myself. I will say though, I am still a work-in-progress, but I love the change that I am making. It is the small things like assuring myself that I am doing good as a mom and that I have to be patient with myself without a doubt.

3. Honesty

One trait I dislike about my mom’s generation of mom was the bitten of honesty. I still get PTSD when she’s leaving the house and asks me to get my shoes so I can go along. As kids, most times when a parent said “get your shoe”, it meant you were being left behind. You meet air.

One of the books I read, when I was pregnant, taught me the importance of being honest with your baby from the day they are born. They claim that being honest with the baby from the onset awards the parent honesty when the kids are growing. They learn to always be truthful, and that is important to me.

Now that I am back at work, I do not tell him that “I will be back shortly”, I tell him the actual time I will be back. Because honestly, being away from him for nine hours is not really the definition of shortly.

4. Trust

This is more about trusting myself and my instincts. I have shared before how everyone will give you advice on your baby, especially when someone is wrong. Others will tell you that it is normal. However, I have learned to trust my instincts when it comes to my baby.

If I feel that something is wrong with him, while others advise me to not be quick to go to the hospital, I go with what my heart says. My current motto is “Better safe than sorry”, and so far it has been going great.

All I am saying is, that mother or parent instinct is there for a reason. Use it!

best life lessons on being a mom

5. Giving

Being a parent means being selfless. Like I said before, my little human is now the center of my life. Since I had him, it has been hard to think of myself first, because I always want to make sure I am giving him just as much.

It is not only about material things, I have had to also give him a lot of myself and time. Making sure that I give him all of my love, care, and kindness.

There is another thing I have noticed, being so giving to my son has also led to me being more giving to others as well. Sometimes, I find myself just sharing the little I have with anyone who is close to me without any form of restraint. I will not lie, it feels good.

6. Forgiving

My mom once told me to think of the many times my baby gets mad at me in a day, I had no answer. She went on to tell me that he gets mad when I

  • Take time to change him
  • Take time to feed him
  • Take time to bathe him
  • Keep playing the same game even when he’s bored
  • Cannot take the queue that he wants to sleep

She then said, once you do what he wants, all is forgiven. That’s how quickly babies will forgive us.

That was a lesson enough that I try to emulate that. I will not lie, I am one to keep a grudge when done wrong. To make it worse, I do not share what hurts me, it all just stays hidden inside of me. Now, I am working on being more forgiving towards myself and others.

7. Child-like Happiness

God, this is my favorite of the 7 best life lessons on being a mom. I have experienced child-like happiness since I became a mom and I have loved every moment of it.

I love every moment that I am just silly, make silly faces, and any other thing just to make my baby giggle. Seeing happiness sparkle in his eyes sparks my own happiness.

It has also allowed me to seek happiness in the smallest of things, I laugh more now.

Another important life lesson I have learned is perseverance. But, I will do a continuation on another post.

A word of advice for fellow new moms and dads, learn as much from the little bundles of joy. These little lessons that come with having babies change our lives in the best way. As I said, I am a work-in-progress, but cannot wait to learn more and share.

What are some things you have learned, share them in the comment section below.

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