The 10 Worst Things About Pregnancy

10 worst things about pregnancy

Writing the 10 worst things about pregnancy sounds dramatic, but trust me, it has some of the worst experiences. Having written the 10 Best Things About Pregnancy, I figured that it was important that I also share some of the 10 worst things about pregnancy to balance the equilibrium.

Like any other experience, it comes with the best and worst moments. One of the best moments is having this little boy bundled up beside me napping. However, there were moments during the 9 months of carrying that I was ready to tag my hair off and just about be done with it. I would tell my mum and best friend just how tired I was of carrying and just wanted to give birth already.

Now, this post can be my future reminder of why not to jump the gun and carry another one soon. Also, just to give you a glimpse of this experience so you can make a better decision. Mind you, this is not to scare you away from pregnancy, rather to just share some annoyances I met on the way.

Let’s begin…

10 worst things about pregnancy

10 worst things about pregnancy

1. Vomiting

Lord, how I hated this. If there was something I wish I never experienced was the vomiting. Or like we call it morning sickness. I always thought it would be like the movies, you vomit once or twice, and then it is gone. Hell no apparently, I had morning sickness till the day the baby was born.

There was no break in between, as soon as I woke up, I needed to vomit if I wanted to have a nice day. It was hell.

2. Food Aversions

The annoying part of this is that when one hears about pregnancy, they hear about food cravings and whatnot. When I found out I was pregnant, I could not wait until the cravings started. What I was met with was a loss of appetite, and not being able to stand a lot of food items.

The marketing team at the pregnancy institution does not emphasize how much you will start to hate your favorite foods. Such a scam .

3. Turning in Bed

No one prepares you for the disaster that comes during the third trimester when you have to change your sleeping position. How you have to make a three way position just to make sure that you are comfortable. The wake up – shift – sleep in desired position, is so hard and gets tiring.

The hugeness of the belly just makes things a bit tough to navigate. At the same time, this is the time you will get tired of sleeping on your sides all the times. You will wish you could have your own tummy time or just be able to lay on your side.

4. Insomnia

While a lot of women will say they were almost always tired and could easily fall asleep, a lot more deal with insomnia during their pregnancy. Only being able to get an hour or two of sleep and then moving around like a zombie. It is nothing fun at all.

5. Depression

Pregnancy is no small joke, it will have a toll on your mental health. Depression is something I struggled heavily with. And there are so many triggers that have you feeling low. Sometimes, you are pressed with thoughts of how bad of a parent you might turn up to be and that will have you feeling low for weeks on end.

6. Damn Hands

This is something that irked the living lights out of me. As soon as my bump was noticeable, it was as if I was inviting people to touch it without my consent. From colleagues to acquaintances, trust me it was annoying. I had to subtly remove their hands or just be fully rude and tell them off.

If you are reading this, do not touch a pregnant lady’s bump without their consent. It is uncomfortable for them. I have to thank my best friend who always made sure to ask before she felt him.

7. Heartburns

Lord do I not miss these. Imagine dealing with insomnia and heartburn at the same time. It is a horror story for anyone. Having to shift around in bed with your mind clouded with thoughts of everything you ate to figure out what might have caused the heartburn. It is so stressful.

8. Preparedness

You get so anxious and want to make sure that you are doing everything right, so you end up reading so many pregnancy books to make sure your baby is safe inside. I’ll be one to tell you that as much as the books will put you on a string, each pregnancy is different. So, while I am here talking about 10 worst things about pregnancy, someone might tell you they never experienced any of these in theirs.

Read on the topic, but never think it will all go by the book.

9. Varting

I was saving this for the end to make sure that scaredy cats would have left already, LOL. Varting, also known as vagina farting is one of the most uncomfortable things you can experience. Now, you might have already gotten a taste of this during your menses, but they get intense when you’re expectant.

Another downside is how they make a loud sound and everyone around you has to pretend they did not hear you fart. It is a mess.

10. Birth Unexpectations

Most women dream of having a natural birth, so you start prepping your body for it. The yoga and any other exercise just to make sure that you have an easy birth. Being told that you might have to go a different way, a c-section or being induced before you are due. This can easily mess one up.

Someone said to write these 10 worst things about pregnancy so that when I get the urge to go at it again, I can easily remind myself of how bad it can be sometimes. Do not forget that there are a lot of beauties to it as well.

What were some of the worst experiences you had when you were pregnant? Or, what are you currently facing in your pregnancy? Share in the comment section below.

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  1. I loved being pregnant, physically it was so smooth, for me it was an emotionally charged one in the wrong way, and the only thing was I missed sleeping. But I’m not sure if I would do pregnancy again because my 4 year old is enough of a birth control

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