WinterABC2022: Amazing Reactions I Had

Some of Your Reactions To My WinterABC2022 Posts

It is the last day of the WInterABC2022 festival by the Afrobloggers. I tried my hardest to write everyday this month, apart from the weekends. Unfortunately, I was unable to write the recommended 22 posts, but I have done 20 and I am so proud of myself. To close down the festival, first participation on this blog, I wanted to share some of the reactions I have had this month.

Before I start sharing those, I wanted to thank everyone that has stuck with me this month. It is not easy reading every day, and I do not blame you if you missed some. Hopefully, you can catch up slowly. But honestly, thank you for giving me an audience.

Some of Your Reactions To My WinterABC2022 Posts

Perhaps some of the most intriguing comments I received were from my first post this month. The post tackled whether women decided to have more children to secure their marriages. These three comments caught my attention:

WinterABC2022 Reactions: Lebogang

Such cases don’t seem to come to an end any time soon. I’ve seen people bearing more children just so that they can keep the man. Maybe there’s an imbalance of how people truly understand the sole purpose of marriage.

Recently, I read an article of a 47-year-old who took her life because she was unmarried and could not have children. It’s very sad to realize just how far we are in terms of societal expectations.

WinterABC2022: Benjamin Musanjufu

This is the topic in the bar of late with my boys, but it takes more the route of using babies as insurance even after it can’t work. This whole thing happens across Africa, the last born after many years is an attempt by a lady to ground the man but it never works.


I find it amusing that women will have children so casually when pregnancy is a life and death situation and being a parent is a lifelong endeavor. Children do not keep a man or make a man be faithful or love you. Just bringing children here without considering the quality of life and the amount of time and energy it takes to raise emotionally balanced individuals is extremely selfish and short sighted.

This were all valid points for ladies to look at. By far, the amazing reactions came through when I posted about traditions to be followed by women after giving birth. It was awesome finding out that a lot of African countries share the same traditions

WinterABC2022: Blessings

Point number 6 needs to be extracted with utmost care is what I heard. Because the things you do whilst having sex can’t be shown in front of the child! So should be a silent type or no movement on the mother’s side!

Never tried it before so I wouldn’t know of the accuracy.


Literally read with my eyes popping. I mean, visit for the baby in the first weeks looks like that is the most time they receive visitors in this time. Been interesting to learn.


The napkin cloth thing, one lady told me to use the same napkin to press on my daughter’s legs to avoid rickets. Smh

My favorite post to write was when I shared some dad views on why they do not tell their children that they love them. I aww’ed with this comment

WinterABC2022: Nashe

I can still clearly remember the first time my pops told me he loves me, I was 23 and had just came back home after 2 years away. I honestly did not know how to reply or what to say in the moment. Not that I don’t know that pops loves me – I knew, but he had never said it out loud before. It felt really weird and I thought to myself

What the hell? Pops didn’t give me the memo that we can now express our feelings in the house!

Above all it felt good and I appreciated it. Actions don’t always speak louder, sometimes we need to hear the words too. And yes, I will tell my kids I love them one day Insha’Allah.

Another thing I am grateful for were the many ladies that allowed to be part of this festival journey. Most accepted collaboration calls on the last minute. Very thankful to you all. Perhaps one post that will forever stay with me was when I got an anonymous write up by a reader. She shared how her brother has an unknown health condition. These were some of the reactions

Chipo Kay

Quite insightful and relatable. Growing up I used to have sere skin issues. Until today, no one knows what it is. Even the medical practitioners.

WinterABC2022: Roy

This story breaks my heart. With good health systems, this could have been prevented. I wish more could be done to prevent these situations, we should prioritize on improving our health system in general. I hope the boy gets better with time.

These were some comments I wanted to highlight. Thank you everyone who read the blogs, thank you for engaging with them. Also, thank you to those who engaged with the posts on social media, be it liking, retweeting, commenting, and sharing. I appreciate it.

I will be going back to a regular schedule. One post per week basis.

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