My 9 First Trimester Symptoms of Pregnancy

9 First trimester symptoms

First trimester symptoms of pregnancy are some of the most missable ones, especially during the first month. They tend to get more noticeable in the second month or so, hence why I did not suspect of being pregnant until my hospital check. It also made sense why most women only find out during their fifth or seventh week that they are expectant.

The reason I say those first trimester symptoms can be missed is that most of them are the same signs of menstruation. I know the missed period is the most significant of the symptoms, but some of these are just so normal that one can easily put them at the back of the mind.

Since I started this blog, I have had some ladies ask some of the signs that I felt in the early stages of pregnancy. While answering these in private is good, I thought it would be easier to just write it down for others who would want to know. Plus, other mommies can share their symptoms in the comment section to bring more depth.

Remember, I started noticing a lot of the symptoms after I had just gotten my first Astrazeneca shot. So, I thought it was just the effects of the vaccine. Anyway, let us begin.

9 first trimester symptoms of pregnancy

9 First Trimester Symptoms of Pregnancy

1. Headaches

I remember just having these annoying headaches during the first trimester. Now, I normally have migraines and so I used to pass them as just normal. It was only I found out that I was pregnant that I got concerned with the constant headaches. I found out that they were normal due to hormonal changes happening inside the body.

They would be constant and would be felt the most at the back of my head. I would also get a blinding feeling which would require me to just lay down in a dark room until they faded.

2. Fatigue

The second first-trimester symptoms that bothered me the most was fatigue. I always just felt tired, as though I had been hit by a train. The annoying part was that I was always restless. My sleep pattern had completely changed and I would get so angry at myself.

I actually remember just taking a week off of work to rest, but when it was time to go back, I felt as though I had achieved nothing by staying at home.

3. Cramps

This is why I said that these first trimester symptoms can be missable. I had the worst cramps during the first months, which made me think Aunt Flo was about to make an appearance. My whole waist and the abdominal area would burn up so badly that I often found myself on the floor for a bit of a cold compress.

The cramps were so intense. Before I knew that I was pregnant, I would take painkillers to suppress the pain.

4. Backaches

Ever had those backaches were you just want someone to sit on your back to get a bit of relief. Yeah, I had those. They were so terrible, they made me cry. I was pretty sure that I was getting the worst of the period that month. Ha! Jokes on me.

5. Mood Swings

One minute, I hated everything. The other, I was in love with everything. One minute, I want to drown in my tears, the next, I am smiling like a fool to every single thing. I would cry because of simple things but at the moment, they made sense to me.


6. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness was the devil that lasted until the day I gave birth. In the beginning, I would be sick throughout the day. There were smells that would trigger it, the one that did the most was the smell of shoes and socks. I would have a tough time at work because the triggers were just everywhere.

7. Breast Tenderness

Funny enough, I was not the one that even noticed the changes in my breasts. My partner made a remark of how my boobs looked a tad bit bigger than normal. It was only then that I realized that my nipples were very sensitive and that the boobs felt heavier than normal.

A good look at them and I saw the first stretch marks that had lined up from my side boobs.

8. Skin Breakage

Oh Lord, my whole face was a hot mess. My skin got so dry and it started breaking out. No amount of skin care routine made it any better. This is how my old colleagues realized that I had a bun in the oven.

And finally…

9. Missed Period

To most people, this is the biggest indicator to most ladies, it just was not for me. Prior to my pregnancy, I was used to having breaks from my period. I was one of those who could have a normal cycle for three months, then have a break during the forth. Hence, it never bothered me when my period was no show during the first month.

If it was any different, this was the first trimester symptoms that was so obvious.

What were some of the first trimester symptoms that you experienced or are experiencing during your pregnancy. Share them in the comment section below. Do not forget to share the post to others too 🙂

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  1. Backache was the first symptom for me. It was so painful I would cry in my sleep. Then obviously a missed period

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