My 5 Month Baby Update: Whelp!

5 month baby update

Evan’s 5 Month Baby Update

5 month baby update

I swear, just yesterday I was writing the 4 month baby update and now, here I am sharing the 5 month baby update. If you have been reading these baby updates, then you must be tired of me complaining about how fast seems to be passing by.  But it really feels like each time I blink, a week passes by.

The past month has been bittersweet, Evan has been on a good stride when it comes to achieving some of his milestones. However, he got down with a nasty cold, which led to a very high fever. The most painful part was hearing him cry in his sleep because of the discomfort. Unfortunately, when he started feeling better, I also started noticing signs of a cold.

I had to stay away from him for most parts of the day to make sure that he would not get the flu again. Another painful moment was seeing his sad eyes each time he would look at me, asking to be held. There were days when I could not take it and would cave. But for the most part, I did try to refrain so as to protect him.

That was the bitter part of the month, other than that, it has been a sweet month for Evan. His personality shines more each time, he is one chatty chap this one. Anyway, let me keep you up to speed with how this month has been.

a 5 month baby: milestones reached

This month has come with steady growth and milestones. From our last hospital check, Evan weighed about 8.5kgs, which meant he added a 0.5kg from the last month. I believe he has not been able to rack up much because of how active he is now. He plays so much, a lot of kicking too.

He also loves to stand. Each time he starts to whine, we just make him stand and we get awarded with the biggest toothless smile. Nowadays, each time he stands, he starts kicking his legs which means he wants to be thrown in the air. That is his favorite activity currently. The giggles he makes are the cutest.

5 month baby update: Sitting

At the beginning of April, he would sit up for five seconds before falling on his back. At the end of the month, he manages to sit up for about 3 – 4 minutes before he falls. He does not like being laid down when he’s fully awake, he wants to be in a seated position and play.

He’s also getting into breastfeeding while seated, regardless of the amount of time I’ve tried to deny him. I can see the excitement he has though to just sit upright.

5 month baby update: feeding

Evan keeps loving the solids that we introduced. Basically, not much has changed since the 4 month baby update, we have maintained his diet.

I actually plan on doing the same until he gets 7 months old. The Easter holiday gave him so much time to breastfeed until my boobies went dry (LOL). Unfortunately, he had a hard time transitioning back to getting half breast milk and half formula after.

It took two days before he could accept his formula.

5 month baby update: speech

His cooing keeps intensifying and it is cute. The best part of it is that he has a bubbly personality and loves to play. When he is mad, he takes no time to make it known.

He coos in the most intense way when annoyed, but most often, he coos and laughs his heart out.

5 month baby update: sleeping

He continues to sleep through the night, which is a blessing to me. I still dream-feed him at night, just to make sure he does not wake up because of hunger.

Diaper changes are getting harder as he is growing because one wrong touch means he will wake up. However, I darken the room so that he can easily be stimulated back to sleep.

One thing I am trying to do in the next month is transitioning him from sleeping in my bed to sleeping in his crib. I should have done it a long time ago, but I love sleeping next to him. It also just gives me peace of mind that I can open my eyes, check on him, then fall back asleep without having to move from my bed.

5 month baby update

5 month baby update: activities

His favorite activity so far is being thrown in the air, he giggles so much. Also, he loves resting on the hip while I dance around.

Recently, I have noticed that resting his face between my boobs also gets him to laugh hard, he does it once a day. Another thing he’s started to love is a keyboard that came with his walker (bought by his aunt), he loves to press the keys and change the music.

He grips everything now, which means I have to constantly keep my hair out of reach or sustain the pain of pulling.

He is also starting to kick his legs around when you put him down for tummy time, cannot wait until that transforms into crawling.

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Like I always say, I love seeing all these new things and changes. Each day, I fall harder in love with him, something I did not know was possible. His tiny kisses and snuggles are what I live for now.

I hope you enjoyed this update. Thank you for reading.

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  1. These updates take me back to the das when my little went through same phases. Everyday something new comes out and its mesmerizing witnessing this growth and development up-close. Enjoy these precious times.

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