How To Effectively Market Products To Moms

How To Effectively Market Products To Moms

Effectively marketing products to moms is an important strategy. In most households, moms control the purchasing power on the products that are used. They also have the power to gatekeep other products depending on many reasons. It is important that those working in the marketing departments are able to get their strategies right.

As we are in the last week of the Afrobloggers #WinterABC2022 festival and we are focusing on Stories of Innovation. It is my prayer that most companies are more creative with their campaigns, especially in Malawi. We are stuck in a time when the radio jingles are are still dull, television adverts are boring, and lack of creative online campaigns.

I understand that some of these companies employ advertising agencies to handle those for them. So, this post is for them too. Let us get on how to effectively market products to moms.

How To Effectively Market Products To Moms

These are merely tips, choose one if you feel it resonates with your brand and marketing strategies.

How To Effectively Market Products To Moms; Evan's 3 months baby update

Marketing products to moms: Make Lives Easy

I feel that the most important thing for brands is to make sure their products or services make moms’ lives easier. Moms have hectic lives; they have to take care of the kids, household, and still have a blossoming career. What they do not need are brands contributing to their busy lives.

Having a 7-month-old boy means I have my hands full. What I need are products that will make my life a bit easier. Things like long descriptions, unclear health benefits, and the authenticity push me away from certain brands.

What moms need are things that will take that extra weight from them. This means brands investing in customer service that is pleasant. Creating systems that are efficient for the customers, and creating content that is short and easy to consume. That is how you might be able to create a loyal customer.

Be Understanding and Personal

No human ever wants to have dialogue with a brand that feels robotic. These are brands that speak to moms, but they really are not having conversations with them. As a brand, you have to have a personal voice that women can relate to. You need to be understanding of the issues they have at the time and assure them that your product is tailored specifically for that.

Creating a relatable brand makes moms know they have a friend in you. While you do that, allow them to also connect with their peers to share feedback. This makes it easy for your market research, which saves the company money when it comes to product development.

Know Where They Are Online

It is obvious that the current moms are tech savvies and spend a lot of their time online. Knowing where exactly they spend online will make your life easy. Currently, a lot of Malawian moms are found in communities on Facebook. As a brand, you should be able to use that to create specific campaigns that can reach that targeted audience.

Never Underplay Communities

While you work on knowing where moms spend most of their time online, it is important that you do not underplay the communities they belong to. These communities play an important role when it comes to influencing them on the products and services to use.

Word-of-mouth plays a crucial role in such spaces. Your aim should be to make sure that you create products and services that moms can independently promote them to their friends.

Even blogs like these that have mom communities are important for brands to get authentic customers and get feedback.

A Little Humor Will Help

Be that friend that can make your customers laugh. Moms are stressed humans, easing that stress will make your brand look like heaven sent.

Use humor when creating those radio jingles, television adverts, and online campaigns. Another thing to remember is that something that makes one laugh will stick around to them.

It is also important to have in your team someone who can relate to the wants and needs of moms other than the conducted research. Having that person will translate to the strategies that you come up with.

Go forth and create relatable content. Share your ideas in the comment section below.

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