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Hello, Louisa Msiska here!! Thank you so much for stopping by to know more about me and about Becoming a Mommy!

It is so refreshing to have you here!

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My name is Louisa Msiska, a 24-year old (turning 25 in 2022). I am a blogger, work in accounts, and have recently taken on a new role as a mommy.

Hence the new blog name is Becoming a Mommy. Everyone that has followed my personal blog knows that I have a passion for writing and sharing. Hence, I wanted to take up another space on the internet where I can freely share my new experiences as a mom.

On this blog, I aspire to share my pregnancy journey and all the parenting tricks I learn on the way. My goal is to have a community around me that can freely share their own journies with me and become a helping hand. Because like they say, it takes a village to raise a child, and I hope to have that.

I also want to use this space as a venting area, because I know the mental stress that goes around being pregnant, and I do not want to imagine the one I’ll go through now as a parent.

But I am ready and excited. To all the new mommies, we got this.

about me: louisa msiska