9 Ridiculous Old Wives’ Tales to Predict Gender

9 ridiculous old wives' tales to predict gender

Old wives’ tales are fun, but man are they ridiculous when it comes to predicting a baby’s gender. As much as knowing the gender of the baby is fun, using such tales will make you have false hopes sometimes. Let me also say now that most of these are things I had never heard of until my aunties started telling me. Basically, the gender of the baby was guesswork, and I’ll share if they were proven true or not.

Prior to the OBGYN mistakenly telling my mum of the baby’s gender, I had made the decision that I wanted it to be a surprise to me and everybody else. I only wanted to know on the day that I was going to give birth. However, I had already decided on the names that the baby would have, be it a boy or girl. I share how I came up with the name of my baby here.

When my friends and family found out about my pregnancy, most of them took it upon themselves to guess the gender of the baby using formulas that are funny. It was interesting hearing the things that old women would point out. Thus, my decision to share the humorous old wives’ tales about the gender of my little sunshine.

9 Old Wives’ Tales to Detect Gender of the Baby

1. Fighting with Partner vs Loving Too Much

This is probably one of the dumbest indicators of gender I heard during my pregnancy. Regardless, these are old wives ‘ tales that have been around way longer than I have. Anyway, to shed more light on this, old women sometimes believe that having constant fights with your partner signals that you might be carrying a baby boy. On the other hand, if you’re relationship gets stronger and more romantic, it is a signal that you are carrying a baby girl.

Now, as I have shared before, my partner and I were in hell’s pits during my first and second trimesters. Only started getting levelheaded with each other as my pregnancy got to an end.

old wives' tales about predicting gender

2. Carrying High vs Low

The aunties say, if your belly is high, especially in the second trimester, then it means that you should be waiting for a little mama. However, if your belly is low in the second trimester then rest assured that it is a boy inside. How they came to this math is beyond me.

3. Laziness vs Too Much Energy

This is probably the first tale I was told of, funny thing is it was my sister who actually made me aware of this. Old wives’ tales suggest that when you are carrying a baby girl, you most certainly will be too lazy most times to do anything. For the most part of your pregnancy, you will spend it in bed and just laying around.

However, a baby boy will have you feeling too energetic and wanting to just about do everything. And no, this is not about nesting either, the baby just makes you work too much. And guess what, I was working too much as my life depended on it.

4. Strength of Baby Kicks

Mommas, remember how you enjoyed those first baby kicks, how they gave you hope of the life that was inside of you. And then at some point, it felt like the baby was trying to tear your gut open. Well, old wives’ tales will tell you that if you get those almost painful baby kicks, then that is a boy in there. However, if the kicks remain a bit flattering even in your third trimester, then that is a baby girl.

My aunties reasons were that baby girls are sympathetic even before they are born. Is it ridiculous, yes it is!

5. Closeness to Male vs Female Friends

When I say that some of these were very funny to me, trust me there were. But anyway, to share with you, their myth is that when one gets too close to their male counterparts, then they are carrying a boy. If you get close to your female counterparts during your pregnancy, then it is a girl. The reason they gave me was, like terms attract. Basically, your little bundle is calling out to their ‘friends’ before s/he gets here.

Guess what, I got closer to all my male colleagues and hardly got together with the female ones.

6. The Garlic and Onion Challenge

First of all, let me just say that this is one of the things that truly was challenging during my pregnancy. Being one who loves garlic and puts it in almost everything that I cook, just for me to not be able to stand it was hard. However, back to the topic of old wives’ tales, they say that if you cannot stand the smell and taste of onions and garlic during your pregnancy, then you must be carrying a baby boy.

The opposite is for when you are carrying a baby girl.

7. The Face Glow

The pregnancy glow is something almost everyone gets at some point in their pregnancy. However, some do get breakages and a lot of black spots. And I was one of them. Either way, old wives’ tales say that having breakages especially so early on in pregnancy indicates that you will have a baby girl. It says baby girls take away your beauty and shine.

Baby boys on the other time will give you that glow and shimmer. Now, I only got a glow in my 6th if not 7th month of my pregnancy.

8. Excessive Morning Sickness

This is very normal for every pregnant lady, however, the tale has it that if you are having excessive morning sickness then it is a girl that you have in your bun.

Just to share, my morning sickness only stopped the day I delivered. I had to suffer through it the whole pregnancy and there is nothing as painful. Another old wives’ tale states that excessive morning sickness is actually a sign of a healthy pregnancy.

9. Being moody

Apparently, when you are moody during your pregnancy, it is a sign that you are going to have a baby girl. If you’re carrying a baby boy, your mood is mostly mellow and accommodating.

These old wives’ tales were one of those I had a tough time believing because I had the craziest mood swings during my pregnancy. One moment, I was insufferable, and the next, I was everybody’s best friend.

If you are carrying and just want to have some fun in predicting the gender of your baby, these old wives’ tales come with that fun. However, you should know that while they have been there for a long time, they are not accurate. And so, do not be fast in believing that the indicators are actually right about the gender of your baby.

For context’s sake, I happened to have a bouncing baby boy. So, you can go back up and check which one of the old wives’ tales happened to be true for me.

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