8 Second Trimester Symptoms of Pregnancy

8 second trimester symptoms of pregnancy

The second trimester was the most easiest trimester during my pregnancy. It had it’s own difficulties, but overall, it was way easier to deal with than the first trimester. Considering I already wrote on my first trimester symptoms, I figured that I continue with them. So, I will be sharing some of the prominent second trimester symptoms that I experienced.

Pregnancies are different, but some of these symptoms are ones that are mostly common in a lot of women. So, if you are expectant and are already in your second trimester, you might already be experiencing some of these second trimester symptoms already.

If you are just a curious person, or a man who wants to understand what your lady is going through, you have come to the right place.

For other moms, be sure to share the second trimester symptoms you experienced when you are pregnant. Let us get the conversation going.

8 second trimester symptoms of pregnancy

8 Second Trimester Symptoms to Look Out For

1. Growing Belly

Obviously, the first second trimester symptom is your growing belly. It might start to get noticeable, meaning you cannot hide that you are expectant anymore. At this point, if you already have not told people, you might want to start planning how you are going to announce your pregnancy especially to your family and friends.

2. Growing Boobs

Yes, they grow like little balloons. This is a sign that your hormones are already preparing for the little person that is yet to come. They are prepping for his food. I totally enjoyed having big boobs, my dresses just seemed to look way better than ever before.

3. Colostrum

This happens at different stages of pregnancy. Some have leaking boobs way earlier than others. My boobs started leaking during my second trimester. This early milk that leaks is called colostrum, a yellowish looking liquid. A good bra is needed if the leaking is a bit heavy that it shows through your clothes’ material.

4. Stretchmarks

You might find that there are some stretchmarks appearing around your stomach, boobs, butt and the thighs due to the weight gain that you have. I had these red marks under my boobs, black ones on my tummy and my butt. Some faded after a while.

5. Leg Cramps

Another thing that your new weight gain might cause are leg cramps. Mine used to attack me during the middle of the night. Eating foods that are rich in calcium will lessen them, but not completely. Just stay calm until they fade.

6. Braxton Hicks Contractions

These are mild contractions that are very irregular. They are one of the second trimester symptoms which you will notice. Your abdomen tightens up before releasing. They can be uncomfortable, but will go away soon.

7. Nose Congestion

The last notable symptom that I had was the nose congestion. At first, I thought it was my sinuses but after a while, I realized that it was due to the pregnancy. I would snore so loud during my sleep, even during my afternoon naps. Not the cute type of snoring, the kind that sounds like an old train falling off the rail kind.

8. Ankle Swelling

Another second trimester symptoms that annoyed me was the swelling of my ankles. This happened especially as I was going towards the end of the trimester. Making sure your feet are up will save your life.

Like I said, you might not experience the same second trimester symptoms, so do share what was prominent during your pregnancy.

Comments are very week welcomed. For collaborations, be sure to contact me here and I will get back to you soon.

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  1. Even though the second trimester brings its own struggles (every trimester does lol), it was actually my fave trimester. I finally felt like myself again, less nausea, and more energy!

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