5 Common Pregnancy Fears That Most Women Have

5 common pregnancy fears

Pregnancy fears are some of the common concerns that women will have. I remember the many times I would sit and dwell on all the concerns when I was expectant. I figured these fears are shared by many women, hence my decision to share them.

5 common pregnancy fears

5 common pregnancy fears

The thought of being pregnant is scary enough, it causes anxiety and more. As a woman, you endure so much stress about the whole process, because you have to care for yourself and the little seed growing inside of you. Also, these pregnancy fears are common among most girls which makes them not want to have kids.

For those considering getting pregnant, or those that already are, this post is to share with you some of the common pregnancy fears you might face during the journey. Some of these I have faced personally, and some have been shared with me by other moms in my circle.

Some of the fears are:

Pregnancy fears 1: Having a miscarriage

This is one of the fears that haunted me the most. If you have been an avid reader of this blog, then you know about the medical history that I shared here. During the first weeks of being pregnant, you have this constant thought of something just going so wrong that you end up losing the baby.

Although a lot of professionals will tell you to be at ease once you’re past the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, that fear will constantly knock on your door till perhaps the last trimester. I remember I was always so stressed about it, it gave me anxiety.

Then there is the thought of a late period. It was made known that some presumed late periods are sometimes just miscarriages that we do not know. This was a way to put me at ease, but it had me wondering about all the late ones I had experienced before, especially those after some sexual activity.

Pregnancy fears 2: Labor

As women, the fear of labor begins way early before we even think of ever conceiving. Sometimes, I feel that they shove this down our throats just so we do not think of having kids way early.

However, it is true that labor pains are the most excruciating pains that women have to experience. As someone who has had a c-section, I personally want to tell every mum who has had a vaginal birth just how much I admire them.

A lot of women are honest about how painful labor is, however, with supportive midwives, it is a bit easier. It is just important to not stress so much about it, and if you feel you cannot tolerate it, ask for other options available.

Pregnancy fears 3: Covid-19

We are living in a pandemic, and one of the pregnancy fears I had was contracting covid-19. Getting covfefe would lead to serious complications that no one wants to go through.

Also, when the rona was at a peak, it claimed a lot of women when they went in to give birth. Some had premature babies, and there was a fear that the baby would have other complications as well.

One thing that was hard to balance was working in an environment that needed me to walk a lot while wearing a mask. I was always breathless, and also had constant headaches. This was probably the toughest moment.

However, it is important that once you realize a slight change in how you feel, you get checked quickly.

Pregnancy fears 4: Weight

One of the worries that I had was my weight. There was a time when I was gaining just so little, that they had to give me a meal plan to help with it. Unfortunately for me, a lot of the foods they recommended, I could not stand. I ended up relying heavily on vegetables and fish.

It is a worry for a lot of women though of the weight they gain during pregnancy. Sometimes, the weight is too much that doctors will advise you to shed off. And other times, the weight is too little, and they end up fearing that the baby could be too small too.

Having to balance the weight while pregnant can be difficult but it is doable. You have to make sure to also exercise to make sure you have it all under control.

Pregnancy fears 5: Postpartum

The last fear I wanted to share is about your postpartum journey. The reason we fear so much about the postpartum journey is due to the lack of exact knowledge of what it will be like.

Firstly, you are thinking about how you are going to take care of your baby. But also, you want to make sure you will be in the right shape for it. Unfortunately, overthinking about this causes so much unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Also, you are thinking of all the weight that you are gaining, thinking of how you will shed it off and get back to your old safe. At the same time, you are hoping you do not get any vaginal tears and whatnot. All these make it scarier to be pregnant.

As a lot of people say, there is no certainty about what you will go through with each pregnancy. It all comes with surprises, and it is best to ride them as they come.

And for those that just never want to get pregnant, I understand you. The journey is one hell of a ride.

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