4 Ways To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

Getting your baby to sleep through the night can be challenging, especially for new moms. It can get frustrating to be awake the whole night, all you think of is how to get your baby sleep through the night. I was exactly where you are a couple of months ago, but with some tips, I have been able to make Evan sleep for long stretches at night.

Before you get too excited, you have to know that these tips might not work instanteously. It is a work-in-progress sort of tasks, but babies should be able to respond to the schedule after some time.

When I was pregnant, Evan would be so active during the nighttime than he was during daytime. After he was born, he was stuck into that same routine. He would be awake most of the night, and sleep during the day. I ended up having huge bags under my eyes, and mostly lacked energy to do anything during the day.

At the end of the first month, I could have definitely paid my arm and leg just to have the baby sleep through the night. I decided to scout the internet on some tips to have him sleep through the night. Some of the tips really worked wonders for him, they still are working wonders.

I decided, I wanted to share 4 ways to help your baby sleep through the night, so you could also get some much needed rest as a new mom. I swear on these tips, but you ought to be patient.

helping baby sleep through the night

Before I start sharing these tips, you have to know that your newborn will not just sleep through the night. Newborns have to feed in two to three hour intervals, so be ready to wake up to nurse them.

Regardless of this, it is still possible to enlong the amount of hours the baby sleeps during the night. And that is what I will be sharing right below.

But just how do I help my baby sleep? You might be asking… Let’s begin

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Put Baby on a Schedule

Right from the time babies are born, they are on a schedule. The schedule that still runs in them is that they were used to when they were still in mommy’s tummy. So, the first thing that you have to do as a new mom or even those that are experienced is definitely break that schedule.

Just like every human who experiences change, it will not be easy for the baby. Neither will it be for the mom or anyone that is the baby’s caretaker. You will receive resistance from the baby, they will be so fussy. You must be determined, but not in the heartless way.

If the baby cries too hard, it is important to soothe them. Try again later.

You are probably wondering what schedule this is, all the tips that I will say below will all be part of the schedule. So, read them and come back to this point to make sense of it all.

Daytime vs Nighttime

To get your baby sleeping more at night, it is important that your baby is able to differentiate between daytime and nighttime. Here is the thing, when babies are born, they are unable to differentiate between the two because they did not have that struggle when they were still in the tummy.

We first have to help them differentiate between the two. Here is how Evan was able to establish the two:

  1. I would make sure the house received enough light during the day, then make it almost dark at night. I would open all the doors and curtains to make sure it was well lit in the house. At nighttime, I would use a dim lamp that would make the room dim. After a while, it was easy to have him dozing in a dim room because he started associating darkness to sleep.
  2. I also made sure to make the house noisy during the day, and make it so quiet that a droping needle would be too much noise during the night.
  3. The last thing I made sure to do was wake him during the day for some much needed playtime. I would steal some 30 minutes to an hour of his daytime nap to play.

Differentiating the two times will work tremendously in helping baby sleep through the night.

Put Some Baby Sleeping Music or Sounds

Getting baby sleep through the night would require more than just making them differentiate between day and night. Babies respond well to sleeping music as it relaxes and comforts them. It relaxes their brains and makes them to easily drift off.

Youtube has a great number of lullaby collections that you can play for your little one. However, make sure that the lullabies you choose are not upbeat, as those are perfect for the daytime. Choose something that is relaxing.

Other sounds you can use to help your baby sleep through the night is the white noise. This, apparently, creates an ambience like that of the womb. It tricks babies into thinking they are back in their nest, which gives them comfort and familiarity and allows them to sleep easily.

You could also try playing classical music or soft instrumentals to help baby sleep better.

Feeding Inbetween Sleep

One major trick in making sure babies sleep through the night is scheduling their feeding time. Mostly, Evan will sleep at 8pm, I timed his feedings between two hour intervals. With that in mind, I mostly will feed him at 10pm while he is still sleeping.

Reason is, a baby that is well fed will sleep longer and will not need to constantly wake to be fed. Scheduling the feedings will make them sleep longer because they are full.

Baby Sleeping Position and Nappy Changes

The position your baby sleeps in is very important in making sure that they sleep through the night. It is important that once the baby is born, you start laying them on their backs so they get used to it. Research has found that making babies sleep on their backs reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

4 ways to help your baby sleep through the night

While you are thinking about the position, do also think of getting the baby some baby sleeping bags or sacks so that you do not have to use blankets. Also make sure that the baby sleeping bed is firm, and does not have any toys scattered around that the baby can reach out to.

Now, when it comes to nappy changes, it is important to do it in the dim lit room. Do not make it brighter just because you want to change the nappy, maintain the same aura. Also of importance is to avoid direct eye contact with your baby, this will indicate that it is still not yet time to socialize yet.

As a new parent, your wish is helping your baby so they find it easy. These 4 tips have helped me with my baby, and I hope they also work for you. Please do share the progress after a week or so.

Also, share some of your own tips. Comment below.

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