4 Month Baby Update: Sweet Little Champ

4 month baby update

4-month baby update; Evan turned 4 months on 1st April 2022.

evan's 4 month baby update

My sweet little champ turned 4 months a few days ago, such an amazing moment. I know I am late, but the point of these updates is to allow me one day to look back and mesmerize at every single moment of raising my first baby. Hopefully, you enjoy these bits as much as I do. Really does feel like I am raising him with all of you guys.

It’s funny how this little life has become the center of our lives and our light. Sometimes, it is hard to remember what my life was like before him.

In March, Evan weighed 8kgs (17.6 lbs), which explained why my mum complains about her hands hurting at the end of each day. He is a little chubby dude, adorable, and cute.

It took some time before I could take him for his vaccinations because the last time he had gone, he was left with a bad bruise that had not faded. I finally took him on the 15th of March and faced hell. He received one injection on his left leg and two injections on his right. When he was being injected in the right leg, blood gushed out which resulted in a long cry.

I could feel it in my soul that he was in so much pain, luckily the fever only lasted a day before it faded. I also had to take him to get a booster polio vaccine, which he enjoyed because they taste sweet. Even after the two drops were given, this child opened his mouth for more. He left the nurses laughing while he made a fuss about not being given more.

Yes, his sweet toothless mouth is hard to tame lol.

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evan's 4 month baby update

4-month baby update


I finally introduced a few solid foods into his schedule. He just seemed ready to have solid food as a complementary to breastfeeding and formula. How did I know that he was ready? Well, this baby would stare longingly at food and would try to reach for it. He would open his mouth ready to have it.

One day, we decided to try giving his runny celerac, this boy guggled it down so quickly. He then gave a huge grin after he was down feeding, then went on to have a four-hour nap. We ended up just putting that in his meal plan.

I stopped pumping milk, during the day, he depends largely on formula. And then switches to breastfeeding from 6pm until 7am. That is our schedule currently.


He still sleeps through the night, I always have to dream feed him during the night. He makes some sleepy noises when he is asleep to indicate that he needs to be changed his position. One rule he has is to not disturb him by changing the diaper unless he summons me to do it. Otherwise, once he falls asleep, any other business is handled in the morning.

Daytime naps are becoming a struggle as he is growing. He has gotten so used to sleeping next to another person. If he is left to sleep on his own, his nap will not last more than 30 minutes. I have to make him get used to sleeping on his own again.


He finally learned how to roll from his tummy to back, he just does not do it often. When he is asleep on his back, he will sometimes roll himself to the side, and will sometimes rollback.

This little man is grabbing everything in his sight now. He just loves to grab my hair and pull it while giggling. I let him do it even though it is painful to me, especially when I want to hear his laugh. It is the cutest thing.

He’s been sitting up when propped by pillows and blankets. He has also been trying hard to support himself with his tiny hands as he sits. He knows to put them down beside him and keep steady. It is so cute.

He has also been licking his fingers a lot, regardless of the many times, we try to stop him. Sometimes, I can actually tell that he’s being mischievous because he looks at me before he starts to lick them. Then there are the gallons of saliva just gashing out of his mouth. Cannot keep a t-shirt on for more than 2 hours before it is drenched.

Evan is also showing signs of teething, there are no dents on the gums yet though. However, he will bite my nipple in an attempt to stop the itching. I am hoping that this motivates him to accept his pacifiers.

4 month baby update

This is for the 4 month baby update… It was an easy month, filled with saliva and giggles. Each day, I am blessed with a lengthy chuckle, which I love so much. Once in a while, which is every day, I get yelled at for a thing or two. Especially when my attention deviates from him, or if I get on a phone.

I hope you enjoyed this 4 month baby update.

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