3 Months Baby Update and My Fourth Trimester

Evan's 3 months baby update

Evan turned 3 months old on the 1st of March, and like always, here is the 3 months baby update. However, the twist of this update is that I also wanted to share an update on how I am truly doing. As usual, even as I am writing this, I am still wondering where the time went. It really feels like it was just yesterday when I was going in for my unexpected c-section. However, I am also excited to just see him grow and learn more about him.

So much has changed since the last update, Evan has grown so much, and a few other things from me too.

Disclaimer: This post might contain some cute pictures and videos.

Before I start the update, I just wanted to appreciate appreciate everyone who takes the time to comment on these updates. It’s lovely to know that other than my family and friends, there is a virtual family that I am sharing this exciting journey. To other moms who either comment or reach out to me through email to share their own experiences and advice, I appreciate you with all of my heart.

Through this blog, Evan and I have received amazing support that we can never repay.

Okay, I am done stalling, let us start with the sharing.

Evan’s 3 months update

3 months baby update
Evan on his grandma’s lap

Evan is growing so big that we have to put away some of his clothes almost every week. Currently, I am unsure how much he weighs, but as of the 8th of February, he weighed 7.2kgs. Soon, I will have him weighed in again.

He got his second dose of vaccinations and the athermath was just so brutal. He still has scars on both his legs from the needle and it breaks my heart. They will fade with time. One more vaccination round, and we will be done till next year. That I cannot wait for.

Evan's 3 months baby update
His vaccination card

I have figured that he does not like taking pictures, but loves watching himself on video. His own videos will have him mesmerized for minutes before he gets busy with something else. Have a camera pointed at him and he immediately stops smiling and gets his serious face on. Lol.

He now gets angry when it’s tummy time and will fuss until he lays down properly. Luckily, his head control is now so sharp. However, he gives me a cute sad face after each tummy time which always gets me to apologize.

Also, since his last update, he finally went to his godmother’s house and spent a full day there. It was beautiful to see them bond and just enjoy each other while I tried miserably to rest.

Evan and Aida
Evan and Aida (Best friend)

One of the hardest things was to leave him with my mum because I had to start work in mid February. My mum takes her to her salon along with his caretaker inorder to supervise. I have never felt so guilty in my life, but there is not much I can do. I try to make it up at night, I snuggle him so close to me and just take up his scent. That alone makes my days brighter.

I do visit them during lunch hours to breastfeed him. I will not lie, it sometimes hurts when I get there and he shows no sign of care. I’m always like, “Child, did you not miss me like I did you?”

Yeah, I am dramatic sometimes.

But again, he is the light of my little life and so that’s that. Now, to move to the next topic…

My fourth trimester experience

Yes loves, the first 3 months after giving birth are referred to as the fourth trimester. I never understood why, but now I get it.

This is the time you are trying to adapt to the new life, heal from the whole pregnancy. It is not easy at all, but you learn to forge ahead without much of the stress messing with you. It was brutal to me.

After a C-Section, so much changed. Having to realize that the pain of the wound does not completely go away. On cold days, I get so ill, the wound often feels like it is ripping open. It becomes so hard to carry the baby, dance with him, or do anything we are used to.

I have had to survive on painkillers and always making sure that I am warm, especially on scar.

My hormones are still not stable yet, I go through days when I just do not like anybody around me and just want to be with my baby alone. There is no nolmacy currently, I am having to relearn everything. Because yes, life just is not the same after pregnancy.

Recently went to a post-church grouping and was shocked that I was put in the same bracket as “church-women.” I had to ask why I still could not be considered as youth, well cause now I have a baby. Lol

I still look like I am two months pregnant. My insecurities over my postpartum body were there, but I have had some beautiful people in my corner continuously encourage me to be confident in my new bod. It is still a work-in-progress.


Evan's 3 months baby update

I am so sorry that I shared this update late, I just could not find the chance to write due to the workload I have at work right now. Do leave a comment, or like the post.

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