10 Best Things About Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a nightmare sometimes, but it would be a lie if I said it did not come with some of the best perks. Over the nine months of carrying a little human, you get to experience some amazing things which sometimes make one want to be pregnant forever. Sike!

Apart from the morning sickness and nausea which will rock your boat for a few months, there are other good things to look forward to if you’re thinking of getting pregnant or are in your early days of pregnancy.

I know, 40 weeks is such a long time for the experience, but be optimistic because of the 10 best things about pregnancy that you are about to experience. Let’s get to it.

10 best things about pregnancy

10 best things about pregnancy

1. Baby kicks and movement

There was nothing as exciting as the first time I felt the little flutter in my stomach. As days passed and the kicks became more noticeable, I would walk around in glee. That little baby kick just gives you assurance and actually made me realize that I was literary becoming a mommy. When you approach the end of the pregnancy, you often just want to be done but one movement makes you realize that you will miss the sensation.

Add that up with seeing different parts of the body just stick out from your tummy, it’s like a little hello from your angel.

2. Silky hair and nail growth

The tremendous hair and nail growth I noticed over the nine months of pregnancy was enough to make me want to be pregnant all the time. This is such an enjoyable part of pregnancy when you get silky and strong hair that just glows regardless of whether it has oil or not. Regardless, this does not give you a pass not to take care of it.

Nails would grow back overnight, and they too were stronger than Thor’s hammer.

3. Eating Any and Everything

If you have ever been pregnant, then you know that no one judges you for what you choose to eat. Pregnancy gives you a pass to be a disastrous eater and picker of food. How I know this so well. During my pregnancy, one of the things I enjoyed eating was rice with fish and boiled okra.

I would eat this almost every single lunch hour at work and nobody, absolutely no one was judgmental about my choice in food. I had that pass.

4. Gaining Curves

I am not really a flat person, but like everyone, I had insecurities of my own prior to the little man being around in my body. One of those insecurities was I always thought I had small boobs. Fast forward to my second trimester and my boobs had increased in size, and I got well rounded on the hips.

Now that I am breastfeeding, my boobies are so giant but a beautiful sight to see.

5. Best Care

Pregnancy will totally make everyone you encounter to be a little more caring to you. From your family and friends, colleagues, and even strangers. Everyone wants to make sure that you and your little bump are best-taken care of and are more sympathetic to you and your wants and needs.

One of the many best moments I experienced was having strangers leave the front seat of the minibus for me just so I could be comfortable during my travels. Then it was being babied by my mum and best friend all the time. Such good times.

10 best things about pregnancy

6. Glowing skin

I will admit, I did not have any glow until I was at the end of the second trimester. But the little time I had to not have any pimples and excessive black spots could sum up the best times of being pregnant.

Having your face shine like it has been dipped in cooking oil even without applying any product is that glow everyone wishes for. Or at least I know some who put on amounts of vaseline chasing it.

7. Baby Shopping

I might have overdone it and bought things that I am only realizing now that I do not need. However, when the time comes for baby shopping, the hype one gets is nostalgic. The realization that any moment you will have a little bundle of awesomeness in your arms is everything to live for.

Plus, the imagination of what your baby will look like in certain outfits just drives you to love shopping more.

8. Reaction from People

To date, I find it funny when people find out that I was pregnant and now have a child. It is the most exciting when you are actively pregnant and see the reactions on people’s faces when they realize you are pregnant or notice your bump.

Even when the people are strangers, their reactions will give you a kick of excitement.

9. Anticipation and Dreams

At the end of your pregnancy, you anticipate and dream a lot about the many things you and your baby will be able to do. This also acts as a distraction from your huge bump, which most likely, you are tired of and just want it all done. Anticipating your baby, how his growth will be like, and the kind of mommy you want to be will be about the best thing you can do to take your mind off of things.

10. Pregnancy Brain

This point should probably have been higher. Some would say they totally hated this about being pregnant, but I enjoyed it. Having not to do something and blaming it on the pregnancy brain was the peak of it all. That’s because most people understand that a pregnant woman is likely to forget.

And I milked it to the brim.

There are so many things about pregnancy that I will totally miss. Suddenly, I understand when women crave being pregnant again just for the experience it brings. Now that I am past that phase, I thought to share these 10 best things about pregnancy that I will miss. Not to forget, it was awesome not having the pain of Mother Nature for the past 9 months.

If you are a mommy or are currently pregnant, do share some of the best things you enjoyed/ are enjoying about pregnancy. If you are a man, share some of the changes you noticed about your partner and liked. Comments are so welcomed.

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